Nitra, Slovakia

by Stanka

Hi, my name is Stanka and I come from Slovakia. I am a 24 years old tea lover, who likes walking in cold winter days (and then come back home and lie in a bed with a cup of hot tea in my hand),taking pictures, reading motivational books and meeting new people.

I was born and I still live in a city called Nitra, which is a student and historical city 90 km away from our capital Bratislava.

I am not going to talk about any typical tourist attractions and history, but about the city from my point of view. I am going to describe 5 places which meant something to me in the different periods of my life and are worth to see.

My childhood and the city park

When somebody asks me about my childhood, first thing that comes to my mind are walks in the city park. One of the rituals that I had during my childhood was visiting our city park every Sunday. Me, my sister and my parents never passed any Sunday to go there, drink Kofola (a drink which tastes similar to Coca ­ cola and comes from the Czech republic) and eat salty sticks. I am changing, the city is changing, but I think that the city park will always be my favorite place. Now I don’t visit it with my parents every Sunday anymore, but it is my source of inspiration in writing or taking pictures. It is a place where I go for a walks, relax on a bench, have picnics or watch birds.

picture1 picture2

Grade school and Christmas market

Our Christmas market is most connected with my grade school years. I always looked forward to Christmas and I forced my parents or friends to visit the Christmas market every day. And when it also happened to snow, I was the happiest person in this world.

The look of this market didn’t change at all, but during the Christmas time it is totally overcrowded. For me it means to grab a cup of punch, walk around, breathe in the atmosphere and have a nice sightseeing under the myriad of decorative lights.

picture3 picture4

High school and the theater

Our city square is a nice place for walking or finding some good places to eat or drink coffee. There is also one interesting and important building, which reminds me of my high school years and it is our theater called Divadlo Andreja Bagara. Why is it connected with high school? I remember that during this period I was visiting the theater very often and it was my favorite way of spending free time. Except for this theater we have another, smaller one, but with interesting performances as well. Our city is also famous thanks to the Theater festival named Divadelná Nitra. You can visit great performances from the whole world or buy something on the handmade market.

picture5 picture6

University and culture

At the university I studied culturology and for me it also means to be interested in culture in our city and visiting galleries and museums. My favorite one is the Missionary museum of Nations and cultures where you can see artifacts brought picture 7by Slovak missionaries from all over the world. It is not the most famous one, but for me it is an interesting one.

I need to add that I am a member of a citizen organization, which focuses on organizing cultural events in our city. So I am a part of the culture life almost every day ­visiting concerts, exhibitions, readings, community events. It is something that I really enjoy to do and I am happy to help our city grow.

Nowadays and cafés

I am also a normal 20­-something girl who spends much time in cafés with friends. I am always searching for small places to hide and to feel like in a different world. One of my favorite cafes is called Trafačka and it is located very near to my house. It is a big advantage and during the cold winter nights I don’t need to go far from my home :). This cafe is combined with a photo gallery and it is another reason to love this place.

As I said in the beginning, I am a fan of drinking tea. That’s why I am searching for tea houses wherever I go.

picture 9 picture8

If you see some postcards from our city, there is a big chance that the Nitra castle will be on the picture. To be honest, I don’t take pictures of it because I see it almost every day. I have found only one :). But when you are in Nitra, it is something worth to see, both from the outside and the inside.

If you are interested to make a sightseeing tour, we have a small city train which travels around our city and it is called the Nitra express. You can see the most interesting places and listen to the history of our city.

picture10 picture11

I love travelling and big cities but when all is said and done, I always appreciate to come back to my small home town where everything is near. I live in a good location, so mostly I don ́t need to travel by bus. And I love to live here because here i can find everything I need for my life ­my people and peace.

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