Eine Lernanleitung |How to learn

[English version below]

Der Grund, warum ihr zurzeit so wenig von mir hört, ist folgender: da zurzeit die Prüfungszeit an den Universitäten in Graz stattfindet, bin ich leider ziemlich im Lernstress. Doch so ganz möchte ich meine Leser auch nicht vernachlässigen. Passend zum Anlass möchte ich eine kleine Lernanleitung veröffentlichen die Prüfungsstoff für das Fach „Lern- und Arbeitstechniken“, Studiengang „Informationsmanagement“ an der FH Joanneum war. Vielleicht hilft sie euch ja ein wenig weiter.

The reason why I don’t publish so many articles at the time is that I have lots of stress with learning. Because these months are the time of exams at the universities of Graz. But I don’t want to neglect my readers so much. So I will publish a little guidance of „how to learn“ which which I had to learn for „Study skills“, course „Information management“ at FH Joanneum. Maybe it will help you a little bit with learnig. Weiterlesen

Bern, Switzerland

Hello dear reader! My name is Ilia. I am a 20 years old/young communication student at the University of Zurich. I would consider myself a dog person, a tea lover, bookaholic and somewhat of a traveller. As you can tell from the titel of this post, I was born and partially raised in Bern – the capital of Switzerland. I would not really consider myself fully Swiss though as my English and Italian are a lot better than my German and the majority of my family is from Sardinia and since my boyfriend is English and I have lived in England for a while. But nonetheless, Bern is one heck of a beautiful city and I want to tell you about it:  Weiterlesen