Sankt Veit am Vogau – Austria

Most people feel some kind of pride and patriotism, when talking about their hometown. I don’t. Not that it’s not a good place or something like that, but for some reasons the place where I live is not more than that – the place where I live. It’s not easy to write about it, because honestly there isn’t much to write about, but I will try.

I proudly present: Sankt Veit am Vogau!
I proudly present: Sankt Veit am Vogau!

As you already know from the title, the place I’m talking about is Sankt Veit am Vogau. A small village in the southeast of Austria. And by small I mean really small. Tiny. There are approximately 1.800 inhabitants, including little old me.
A short overview of myself: I am 20 years old and study Journalism and PR at FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz. Media junkie, tea addict, bookworm, Potterhead. I think that’s enough. So how do I spend my time in a tiny village like this? Well, I often ask that myself.

One thing you can do in Sankt Veit is ninepin bowling. That’s pretty cool, especially when someone hits all of the pins and everybody shouts: “Sau!” (Sau means pig in English and don’t ask me why that is called like that)

Another possibility is visiting the playground, doesn’t matter if you are a child or not. Especially in the dark you can have really deep talks with your friends over there.

If you are hungry there are two restaurants and two cafes. Although in one cafe you have to risk a food poisoning when eating a piece of cake there.

But what the people in Sankt Veit are most proud of is probably the church. It’s the baroque showpiece of our region. During my research for this post (yes, I did research about my hometown) I found out that we have a statue of Karl Marx to honour him. I was surprised myself, but I have no idea why in the world a small Austrian Village should honour Karl Marx in its church. More funny is that the church is illuminated on the outside by a green light during the Advent season. With its two towers the church looks like Minas Morgul from Lord of the Rings. You know, the scary green glowing fortress where the Nazgûl live.

In winter this church can be pretty scary.
In winter this church can be pretty scary.

For fresh air fanatics Sankt Veit is a really good place, because it’s a very rural place and there is much nature. Especially the lake “Planksee” is pretty cool, because you can do wakeboarding. I’ve always wanted to try that, but I’ve never been brave enough. It’s also great just to sit at the shore and having a pizza.

The lake is one of my favourite places in Austria.
The lake is one of my favourite places in Austria.

It isn’t as bad living in a small place as it seems, but as I already mentioned: This is just the place where I life. My real home is where the people I love are, doesn’t matter if it’s Sankt Veit, Graz or any other place in the world.

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  1. Du beschreibst den „Spirit“ von deinem Ort ziemlich überzeugend, ich komme selber aus einem 1000 Einwohner Dorf und kann nur sagen, „it takes one to know one“, echt gut!


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