Perth, Western Australia

Hello everyone, my name is Rosemary and I blog about my travel experiences as „Le Chic En Rose“. I originally come from Yorkshire in the north of England but moved to Perth, Western Australia with my husband and small daughter nearly 25 years ago! We’ve actually lived in Perth twice as after 4 years we moved across Australia to Melbourne where we spent the next 7 years. However we moved back to Perth again in 2001 and have called Perth home ever since. We have 2 adult daughters (1 living in London, the other here in Perth) and 2 granddaughters. Today I’d like to tell you a bit about our adopted Perth home and give you some insights into life here. Weiterlesen

Sankt Veit am Vogau – Austria

Most people feel some kind of pride and patriotism, when talking about their hometown. I don’t. Not that it’s not a good place or something like that, but for some reasons the place where I live is not more than that – the place where I live. It’s not easy to write about it, because honestly there isn’t much to write about, but I will try. Weiterlesen

Bern, Switzerland

Hello dear reader! My name is Ilia. I am a 20 years old/young communication student at the University of Zurich. I would consider myself a dog person, a tea lover, bookaholic and somewhat of a traveller. As you can tell from the titel of this post, I was born and partially raised in Bern – the capital of Switzerland. I would not really consider myself fully Swiss though as my English and Italian are a lot better than my German and the majority of my family is from Sardinia and since my boyfriend is English and I have lived in England for a while. But nonetheless, Bern is one heck of a beautiful city and I want to tell you about it:  Weiterlesen

Nitra, Slovakia

by Stanka

Hi, my name is Stanka and I come from Slovakia. I am a 24 years old tea lover, who likes walking in cold winter days (and then come back home and lie in a bed with a cup of hot tea in my hand),taking pictures, reading motivational books and meeting new people.

I was born and I still live in a city called Nitra, which is a student and historical city 90 km away from our capital Bratislava. Weiterlesen